Taste Our Produce

Over the years, many different crops were grown here in Blouvlei – the name of the farming area around Wellington’s well known horse shoe road – so given because of the milky blue colour of the dam water in the area.
With the guidance of a family friend, La Folie produced two non-commercial wines during the 2008 harvest. We produced a couple of bottles of Chenin Blanc Straw Wine and then called in the help of some 30 friends to assist with the stomping of our first Cabernet Sauvignon (unlabelled, but fondly referred to as the ‘friendship wine’). About 900 bottles were produced.
Finally in 2011 we enlisted the help of a local winemaker to help us produce our 2012 Mad Cab, a very drinkable Cabernet Sauvignon, which was sold out far too soon to family and friends. We also loved our Chenin Blanc Straw Wine 2012, of which 40 litres were bottled in the farm house kitchen early in September 2012.
La Folie also boasts more than 300 olive trees and are producing a high quality, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and delicious table olives.